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In NV you can take either the on-sale responsible serving course if you are working at a bar or restaurant. Or, take the off-sale responsible serving course if you are working in a convenience store, liquor store, or other off-premises sales business.

On-Premises Responsible Serving®

Off-Premises Responsible Serving®

Approved by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education for Alcohol Awareness Training

NOTICE: Nevada requires a proctor for the test at the end of the training. Unfortunately we have no proctoring locations at this time.

Rserving certification is valid across Nevada. But, Nevada requires a proctored exam, which means you can take the training online, but then you have to sit in front of a person to validate your identity, and take the test. The test will take about half an hour. Additional proctoring fees apply. These fees are not included in the cost of the course.

Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) require all servers be trained, and require all servers have a hard plastic Alcohol Education Card. Training is optional in all other counties, but a proctor is required to get the hard plastic Alcohol Education card.

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