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Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

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  Train your employees to understand what is and what is not acceptable behavior in the workplace. This training will provide you and your employees with information about; what is considered sexual harassment, how to report sexual harassment, and explains your options for reporting workplace sexual harassment to external state and federal agencies that enforce anti-discrimination laws.

  With the knowledge this training provides your employees can engage in appropriate behavior in the workplace. It is important to ensure that all individuals are provided an equal opportunity to strive in an fair and safe work place.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course Objectives:

  • Recognizing harassment as inappropriate workplace behavior
  • Identifying the nature of sexual harassment
  • Recognizing that harassment because of any protected characteristic is prohibited
  • Identifying why workplace harassment is employment discrimination
  • Recognizing that all harassment should be reported
  • Recognizing that supervisors and managers have a special responsibility to report harassment

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