WA Happy Hour/Dram Shop Law Information

Washington State Liquor and  Cannabis Board
Phone: Phone: (360) 664-1600
Website: http://www.lcb.wa.gov

  If you have questions about specific bartending laws in Washington, you are encouraged to direct your questions to the agency listed above.

Washington Happy Hour Law

  Washington state law does not allow the following types of promotions: Two for the price of one, Buy one, get one free, Two drinks for a fixed price, All you can drink, and Free or complimentary drinks. A business also may not sell (or offer or advertise to sell) alcohol for a price that is less than the business paid for it. There may be exceptions under certain circumstances, such as when a product is discontinued or seasonal (after the season for the product) or the goods are damaged or have deteriorated.

Washington Dram Shop Law

   Washington does currently have a dram shop law in effect. More information about specific rules and regulations will be obtained by taking the online course. Or, you can call your state board for further details about dram shop laws in Washington.

Washington MAST Bartending laws