How do I receive a MAST bartender permit? 

  Permits are issued by the trainer or program provider upon successful completion of a private, certified alcohol server training program, such as PSCC. PSCC will mail your MAST permit once you have successfully completed the PSCC Washington MAST Responsible Serving® course. The course is completely online and you may take it from any computer or any device that has access to the Internet.

  It takes 5-7 days business days to receive your official MAST Permit.

How long is the MAST bartender permit good for?
  The bartender permits are good for five years from the date of class. For example, if you took the PSCC Washington MAST Responsible Serving® course online on Jan 5, 2014, your permit would expire on Jan 5, 2019. 

How do I renew a MAST Bartender permit? 

  To renew your permit, you may take the PSCC Washington MAST Responsible Serving® course again prior to the expiration date. 

What other information should I know about the course and MAST Bartender permit?

 Keep a receipt and write down the training date, name, and phone number of your trainer. 

  You may be eligible to upgrade from a Class 13 permit to a Class 12 permit once you turn 21 years old. If you received your MAST permit through PSCC, click here to contact us to upgrade your MAST permit

  State law requires the trainer to issue permits to individuals within 30 days of taking the class. If you took the class through PSCC, you will receive your MAST permit within 5-7 business days. If you do not get your permit within 30 days of your class, contact PSCC.

  The permit is the servers property, not the employers and must be presented with supporting ID when requested by liquor agents or law enforcement officers.

Other Info about Washington MAST Permit